‘Bamboo Shoots’ is an innovative Preschool, Day Care and Activity Center based on the oriental philosophy revolving around the bamboo tree. Towering elegantly at great heights, the bamboo stands for immense potential in our children. The tender shoots take a while to grow; sometimes years of consistent nurture goes in while one sees no visible signs of growth. We need to nurture the roots and tend for the little shoots with patience, perseverance and faith. The task of raising successful children needs loving care that nourishes the body, mind and soul. The bamboo signifies deep rooted strength of character, teaching us that we should develop an inner foundation of competency and ethics to ground our success. Its virtue of humility and modesty on account of its hollow stem teaches us to be the empty cup that can be filled up with the nectar of knowledge or to be the flute, an instrument of harmony in the hands of God. It accompanies human beings from birth to death and has helped sustain the human race for centuries by being a part of all walks of life, ranging from food to artifacts! We at ‘Bamboo Shoots’ take inspiration from the bamboo as a symbol for what education should stand for!

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With passion and effort that is seen over time, what matters is an instant appeal of the school. We have made an informed decision through experience to provide and live up to our vision, and most importantly get the children happier when they arrive.

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Our Curriculum is based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, as we believe that there is more to intelligence than merely Math and Language. It takes multiple skills and talents to succeed as a professional and as an individual and above all, to become a good human being. Our aim at Bamboo Shoots is to nurture such skills and talents. All the activities are planned in order to enhance some or the other skills among our children.

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Finding a pre school is easy but finding the perfect match to your needs is important! An interesting curriculum is essential.  Preschool and Day Care

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Happy Guru Purnima. The spiritual Gurus are revered on this day by remembering their life and teachings!

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The torch bearer, Founder and Managing Director holds a Postgraduate degree in Commerce and a Business Management diploma.

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We help identify the talents and hidden potentials of each child in a scientific way in order to maximize his/ her learning potential. The progress of each child then gets based on a solid foundation of an in depth understanding of his/ her strengths and challenges. This enables us to boost the child’s confidence by working on his/ her strengths and developing the personality, by imparting training in a targeted manner.
We are inspired by Confucius when we decide on the teaching-learning methodology:
“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”
Young minds grow at a fascinating speed when they are using their hands. We plan our entire curriculum around activities like number and word games, enacting stories, field trips, art and craft in order to enhance the principle, learning by doing. It is no surprise that all these activities enable the students to enjoy the different aspects of the syllabus, while at the same time enhancing their learning potential.
Learning Skills are imparted by adopting innovative teaching methods, aimed at making the child independent in his/ her search for knowledge. The aim is to nurture the curiosity of the child by allowing him/ her to explore the world around through a rich collection of books and other audio-visual learning mediums, as also through experiments in the Science and Math Lab. A variety of activities are planned as per the age group of the child, aimed at building logical-mathematical, verbal-linguistic, interpersonal, bodily- kinesthetic, musical, visual-spatial , intrapersonal and naturalist intelligences as per Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. All this is achieved through guided and focused activities that stimulate all the five senses, thus making learning enjoyable.
Working parents would be able to concentrate on their careers if their children are in safe hands, cared for in a loving way, nurtured with healthy and homely food. At Bamboo Shoots, we provide Day Care facilities for children one and a half years onwards. Students in the after school day care can avail of Homework Help, Professional Tuitions, Library, Extra-curricular activities and meal plans suited to their timings and needs. Customized schedules can be evolved for each child depending upon their school drop and home pick up timings. Flexible combinations are possible for parents to even avail of the Day Care facilities on Weekends.
The campus is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance with adequate safety in the school. Safety measures from the point of view of health and hygiene and comfort of the children are always maintained in good condition.
At Bamboo Shoots, we have scientific methods to assess children to tap their hidden potential and talents and provide required guidance and counseling for parents in helping realize the same. We organize regular parenting workshops aimed at helping parents communicate better with their children, improving their understanding of each other, which in turn will go a long way in building the bond between parents and children.
The one aspect of being Indian is being a part of a vast and varied Culture and festivals and observances associated with it. We hold our history in our hearts with pride as it has made us into a great and independent nation. At Bamboo Shoots, we celebrate the festivals of various faiths as well as our national festivals in order to nurture in the minds of our children a respect for the diversity and rich heritage of our country.

Vision & Mission 

We aspire to provide affordable early education of a high quality, aimed at nurturing the talents and hidden potential of students in order to create disciplined and responsible global citizens for the 21st century.

We aim at fostering the values of love, compassion and empathy among our students by creating a safe learning environment and an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for children from diverse family and cultural backgrounds as well as for differently abled children.

We intend to create a model of education based on innovation and teamwork of management, teachers, staff and parents to identify and develop the unique qualities of our students.

We desire to take special efforts for the skill development of children in order to build the base for successful lives and careers.

We hope to nurture the value of respect for Environment & Ecology in the minds of our students and enable them to do their bit for the cause thoughtfully and secure the future of their World.

We strive for excellence in education and prepare young minds for lifelong learning with an affinity for knowledge.

We wish to provide opportunities for parents and children to engage in a loving partnership, discovering the joys of learning together.

We expect to infuse flexibility in the curriculum in order to cater to the diverse needs and talents of our students, so as to take the stress out of the teaching-learning process and ensure the best possible outcome for students and the parents.

Founder Director

Born in Mumbai and brought up in Pune, Rohan holds a postgraduate degree in Commerce and a Diploma in Business Management. He ran retail pharmacy stores from 1999 to 2015. He is associated with Max Life Insurance as Financial Advisor since 2014. He is fond of travelling and watching cricket.

His wife, Ms. Arati is Assistant Professor in Political Science in a reputed Pune College and they have two young children, Aaroha and Aabhaa.

Arati and Rohan shared the responsibilities of bringing up their two children while having full time careers of their own. Rohan felt the need of a service that took care of the children’s co-curricular, extra-curricular activities and wholesome development under one roof. With this concept of a preschool and activity center along with professional tuitions took the shape of Bamboo Shoots Preschool | Activity Centre | DayCare


Mr. Rohan Khatu

Founder Director


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What Parents are Saying

  • I was so concerned about my child, who is shy and quite to be at school and then daycare but Bamboo Shoots truly gave him the homely feeling to open up and interact. He is now confident and loves his teachers. I am thankful to the management and teachers for being so compassionate about children and their rightful education. I am can be carefree when at work, knowing that experts are moulding my child into a better, all rounder person.
Sudhir Vavale

  • My wife and me were on a hunt for pre schools and finding the right one wasn’t easy. We did a lot of research to make sure our child got wholesome education. Bamboo Shoots was the perfect solution to our questions. Their interiors, teachers, management and the curriculum is very impressive, especially the meditation and yoga that is so important in every child’s life. My child is very positive and looks forward to going to school because the staff is so welcoming. We will now put our young daughter in the same school without any worries!
Mr. Shenavlikar

  • The management was very sensitive about my child’s development when she didn’t respond to activities and remained dull. They themselves gave her one on one attention till she felt comfortable. Now she is happier and getting involved in most activities easily. Their safety measures and food facilities are great in terms of nutrition and health. I would definitely recommend Bamboo Shoots for their dedication toward child development.
Amit Deshpande

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Location:  40+41, Kulashri Colony, Lane 2, Karve Nagar
Pune, Maharashtra 411052.

Telephone:  982 208 1916


School Hours: M-F : 8am - 3pm

Explore The New Scope For Your Child’s Education!

Preschool is the real transition experienced by kids whereby they see the world independently and move out of their protective umbrellas, make new friends and spend some time away from parents. Bamboo Shoots Preschool Karve Nagar aspires to make this change a positive and fun experience for the small wonders.
Our aim at Bamboo Shoots Preschool Karve Nagar is to nurture the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of children via playful engagements.
We know that kids are curious to investigate this ever emerging and expanding world while they also want to experiment their mastering skills in the developing stage. Our curriculum helps them to grow and develop into confident students.
Our teaching faculty focuses on their personal achievement of the developmental and educational milestone.

Our learning programs are meant to prepare each kid for preschool studies and beyond

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