The best PreSchool is not just learning numbers, letters, colours and shapes but it is a way to channel your child’s emotional and social needs in the right way. We often think that children learn what is taught but we forget that children as young as 4 years learn with experience.    Children often imitate, a regularity that needs to be maintained. Getting them a surrounding that is structured, disciplined and aware of the implications of this imitation technique. More importantly teachers offer a pragmatic approach and know when to correct and when to let them adapt.    The ability to interact with peers and elders at a young age, makes them interacting with others easier. They learn to make friends and have conversations. The will carry this social sense in other settings too.    Preschool conducts group activities that teach them respect, importance of listening and understanding others. Like in play activities, or when eating together they learn sharing as a way of life.    In vibrant interiors with colourful toys, and books, children tend to like interactive things and are attracted to these stimulants. They also learn the importance of choice because they get to choose the toy they should play with in that play time.    That way, some children tend to like books, some pick up stacks and some choose lego- perhaps!    Since, teachers are constantly communicating with them, it becomes easier for all children to adapt to the language and develop speaking skills. Taught languages are practiced in the classroom, giving them enough practice while they have fun.    Everyone learns along with like minded people and children are no different, put them in a hall full of same year olds and they are bound to have the time of their life!! Preschool may not have so many but even a few same year olds creates a happy place for your kids, rather than being at home with the same people all day!    Apart from developing their motor skills, cognition, literacy skills, math skills and more- childrens curiosity is routed in the right direction. They get to play with toys, objects and props that help them learn while they are having fun not just alone, but soon with a group.    BambooShoots is a high quality preschool that believes in nurturing children in a analyzed and careful method. The interiors, the toys, the activities and the structure along with its teachers are handpicked to craft your children’s minds positively.  
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