Does the sight of floating half broken Ganesh idols by your local lakes and rivers upset you? Does the depleting levels of water on earth bother you? Every year newspapers, magazines and social media are flooded with depressing news of half sunken Ganesha idols across several water bodies. The sight is sure upsetting but more so is your conscious when you celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at home.

This festival is everyone’s beloved and some culturally inclined locals make sure the traditions are followed to the T when it comes to having Lord Ganesha in homes. Starting from the selection of the idol, to the ganpati decoration​, to the delicacies made and the prayers done. Very few actually think about the environment when it comes to keeping up with these traditions.
Not even the idol makers, that toil day and night to create marvelous plaster splendours clad in myriad colours and emotions that flock every street corner up for sale. A substance that is easily available and strictly produced chemically, plaster of paris is the leading material used in the making of the Ganesh Idols. It is easily moulded, lighter even in large quantities and holds colours stronger. This makes the idol more attractive and an absolute hit amongst buyers. Little to people know, that this material is also the most difficult to sink because of its molecular combinations. Hence, even when submerged in water, the layers of plaster mainly comprised of oil usually stay on the surface. Hence, parts of idols submerge and create hazardous debris at ocean, river and sea beds that affects the water living bodies, while the remains float with the waves to the shores. Even though, people celebrate this festival of Ganesha, christened as the God of Nature by Shiva, his father himself, a lot forget to safeguard his creation in the pursuit of keeping traditions alive. Ofcourse, the awareness is now growing amongst broadened minds and quite a lot of consumers are choosing idols made of natural soil, that may not be as intricate but serves the purpose of the festival and the cultural intricacies right.

Art ideas for Ganesh ​seem to be flocking schools and universities, with Bamboo Shoots, Pune’s leading pre school not far behind. A school that believes in sensitized education that upholds values and science both at fair levels. Children aged 2 and above are a creative source of energy in this preschool that have come up with the idea of Innovative Ganpati Craft. ​Where with the use of organic colours, soil and natural clay they have decided to make Eco friendly Ganpati​ idols. Tiny hands molding the idol with love, innocence and undying faith will surely give this festival its true sense of togetherness. The teachers and the management have decided to incorporate everyone who is willing to take this environment friendly thought ahead to others and most importantly into their own homes. Bamboo Shoots, ranked amongst the top 10 pre-school in Pune ​host several events and workshops that boost creativity, innovation and self awareness in children and parents. This initiative is a small attempt to bring back our true respect to our ecosystem. So, what are you waiting for? Sign Up today and Make a Difference by Moulding Ganpati Idols with the care of your own hands.

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