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At Bamboo Shoots, we recognize that while children and parents feel the pressures of the competitive world around, there has to be an education program that should also enable them to enjoy the growing years of their child in a relaxed manner. We believe that each child is unique and has his/ her own learning style. Hence we have made several innovations in the teaching-learning pedagogy. It is great to witness the little ones blossom as they discover the world of knowledge while they grow in confidence. Our goal is to see to it that the bond between parents and children grows strong while we take up the responsibility of their children’s studies, providing ample opportunities for the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. At Parent meets organized at regular intervals on special occasions, the children will awe you with their performances.

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Our Teachers

The pillars of this foundation are like minded professionals having relevant years of experience in education with their two children while working full time, being guides themselves and identifying with the challenges that toddlers and their parents faced.

Jayshree Sanjay Jori

Jayshree Sanjay Jori


  • 5 Years Experience of Assistant Teacher
  • She is Lovable Supervisor and Care taker.
  • 15 Years Experience of Home Tutions
  • She is Master at Making Craft and Playing With Children.
Poonam Mahesh Solanki

Poonam Mahesh Solanki

Class Teacher (Playgroup, Mini K.G., Jr. K.G.)

  • 7 Years Experience of Teaching.
  • She is Calm and Caring.
  • 5 Years Experience of Home Tution. 



  • She is Calm and Caring.
  • She is Good in Art
A Word

From Our Principal

The torch bearer, Founder and Managing Director holds a Postgraduate degree in Commerce and a Business Management diploma. An enthusiast by profession and a businessman by outlook, he has a close understanding of children education and its need to be innovative with wholesome development. He has successfully run pharmacy stores from 1999 to 2015 and is an associate Financial Advisor with Max Life Insurance since 2014. His grounded nature, knowledge and love for empowerment bring creativity with unmatched leadership to Bamboo Shoots.

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