Overcoming Phobias about School in Children

Written by Samruddhi

January 12, 2019

January is here! We didn’t realize how the last year passed away so quickly. Your child is inches taller, learning things quickly and has too much energy you can handle!


Time to get him into the best preschool in karvenagar! Bamboo Shoots believes in a 360 degree development of your child, be it holistic, emotional, physical or cognitive. Sometimes regardless of how well we can train our children at home, they require social interaction to channel their curiosity right.


So, you have contemplated enough with your partner about putting your child into preschool and daycare, and as much as you hold the fear of your child adjusting to new surroundings so does the child.


Starting with a new preschool can be an absolute scramble to your routine, your child’s feeding, playtime and daily walks are soon going to become playdates with teachers and school friends. Preschools are like a streamline to our childs engaging energy, that is curious to learn and adapt to surroundings effortlessly.

Bamboo Shoots has trained teachers and activities that are planned to get your child’s mind active in the right areas. Like toys, games and books that are new in a structured environment. Plus, learning starts at an early age and we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on your child being top of his class early on, right?

When you decide to enrol your child in a preschool around karvenagar, its an adventure you embark on together. Here are some of the things that you can do to prepare your child to get ready for preschool and day-care:

1)Morning Routine:

Start getting your child in bed around the same time, so he wakes up by the time it’s ready to go to school. Sleep training is important to keep your child’s minds to a routine, and getting prepared to set out amongst other children.


2)Dont miss the Park:

Make sure you take your child on his evening stroll and let him meet other kids, interact and get over his social fear. If you keep your child playing at home, regardless of the toys, the fear of interacting and meeting new people will take him longer to adjust to even the best preschool in Pune.


3) Meet your Family:

It may sound crude but try keeping your kid at your close relatives once or more during a month for the day, so that he knows that you are not his only confidante and others can be trusted too, especially family and teachers


4)Food Time:

Stick out to the usual routine of breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 1 pm and snacks at 4, since this is a normal schedule for meals and being accustomed to food at pre decided times will reduce the fuss he might create at school


5) Positive Speaking:

When around your child, or otherwise speak positively about his coping up in school. Like how he loves it, and how great his teachers are. Focus more on his achievements than what he is scared off. Keep speaking to your child and telling him how well behaved he is when he has to get to school, whether it is getting there on time, or playing easily or being happy around students.


6) Reassure:

Tell your child that school is only for a few hours, it is learning and that regardless of the time or period you will always be there to get him, always be around just outside if the child needs you. This reassurance hammers the fact that the child is not too far from your comfort, and relaxes into school.


We bet there are some more things you could tell us that you did for your child when going to preschool or daycare. We would love to hear it. Log online to bambooshoots and fill us our conversatory form and lets connect to share some parenting hacks!

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