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Our Curriculum is based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, as we believe that there is more to intelligence than merely Math and Language. It takes multiple skills and talents to succeed as a professional and as an individual and above all, to become a good human being. Our aim at Bamboo Shoots is to nurture such skills and talents. All the activities are planned in order to enhance some or the other skills among our children.


Number Work

The key intelligence that enables us to manoeuver around the world is made up of the logical-mathematical skills. These are developed in a fun way by various activities like stacking and sorting, solving puzzles related to patterns, shapes, sizes and colors of objects and number games.


The bodily-kinesthetic ability is the key to a good physique, alertness, and mental attitudes like competitiveness, perseverance and positivity. Starting with activities like running forward and backward, creative hurdle races, and activities related to balancing the body, we introduce the children to various sports appropriate to their age group.

Communication Skill

Communication skill is the key to success in today’s competitive world. It constitutes the tools that will enable our children to skillfully negotiate for their views and interests. They will be able to make their mark in group discussions, interviews and other careers like journalism that require them to speak. While interpersonal intelligence will enable them to understand and empathize with others, intrapersonal intelligence will enable them to have a dialogue with themselves, leading to self-realization. Our programs in Yoga, Pranayama and meditation are creatively shaped to enable our students to build inner strength.

Language Work

The verbal-linguistic intelligence constitutes the core of human nature. As human beings we have the unique ability to constitute the world around us by using language. Literature, poetry and all the fine things in life come to us in the form of language. It adds to the beauty of the experience of living. The activities designed at the Language lab and library at Bamboo Shoots are full of resources meant to enhance the language skill of our students.

Creativity: Music, Dance, Drama

Singing rhymes is the favorite activity of preschoolers. It involves their musical and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, while at the same time enables them to narrate stories through the rhymes. Story-telling through these mediums will enhance their creative expression. There are concerts planned for parents to rejoice in the artistic performances of their little ones.

Nature Work

What better recreation can there be than being with nature! Naturalist intelligence accounts not only for leisure activities, but also for the most interesting career opportunities. Our colorful indoors and green outdoors induce a love for nature. Our activities like Nature walks and gardening are aimed at attuning our children with nature.

Creativity: Drawing, Colouring and Craft

Our activities like drawing, coloring and painting in different mediums enhance the visual-spatial abilities of children. Aesthetic sense is an important component of a fine life, which will be the best stress buster for us as well as our children. Just as there is Art as a part of the curriculum, it is also used as a medium in the teaching-learning process. What is more, we even have an Art activity component for children and parents to enjoy together to build bonds of love.


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Location:  40+41, Kulashri Colony, Lane 2, Karve Nagar
Pune, Maharashtra 411052.

Telephone:  982 208 1916


School Hours: M-F : 8am – 3pm

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Preschool is the real transition experienced by kids whereby they see the world independently and move out of their protective umbrellas, make new friends and spend some time away from parents. Bamboo Shoots Preschool Karve Nagar aspires to make this change a positive and fun experience for the small wonders.
Our aim at Bamboo Shoots Preschool Karve Nagar is to nurture the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of children via playful engagements.
We know that kids are curious to investigate this ever emerging and expanding world while they also want to experiment their mastering skills in the developing stage. Our curriculum helps them to grow and develop into confident students.
Our teaching faculty focuses on their personal achievement of the developmental and educational milestone.

Our learning programs are meant to prepare each kid for preschool studies and beyond

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